Imagine A 4-Year College Degree In Cannabis Entrepreneurship

All aspects of the cannabis industry are growing like a weed. A professor in the business school at Johnson & Wales University has read the tea leaves and believes the legal cannabis industry will continue to grow. Available data shows over $20 billion in revenue from legalized cannabis in 2020 alone and projections suggest itContinue reading “Imagine A 4-Year College Degree In Cannabis Entrepreneurship”

DEA Might Start To Issue Cannabis Cultivation Permits In 2021

Currently the University of Mississippi is the lone entity authorized by the Federal Government to grow cannabis for research. After many years of steadfast delay and foot dragging the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency may soon issue licenses to both businesses and institutions to cultivate cannabis for scientists who are doing critical research. Richard Shain, presidentContinue reading “DEA Might Start To Issue Cannabis Cultivation Permits In 2021”

80 Years Ago Henry Ford Built A Car Powered By Hemp

Early in 2019 Jay Leno featured a story about “the world’s first carbon-negative car” made of hemp plastic. Leno highlighted that the body of the car was lighter than fiberglass, ten times stronger than steel and could run on recycled agricultural waste!” The ultimate goal Jay is to introduce the world’s first carbon-negative vehicle, and theContinue reading “80 Years Ago Henry Ford Built A Car Powered By Hemp”

When Thought And Systems Become Problem Solving Tools

As a General Contractor I use systems to run my personal business. When I’m working for an entrepreneur I look at what systems they can benefit from. Some of these systems can be employed now and others will be employed in the future to help them accomplish their goals. This level of focus is seldomContinue reading “When Thought And Systems Become Problem Solving Tools”

5 Pro Cannabis Initiatives Passed This Election

Legal cannabis and the industry it’s become continues to expand and the results from the election on November 3rd tells that story very clearly. Nationwide there were 5 states that enacted cannabis legislation and with that comes increased demand. The ebb and flow with most business models has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic andContinue reading “5 Pro Cannabis Initiatives Passed This Election”

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