$3.9 Billion Dollar Cannabis Merger Demands Everyone’s Attention

Cannabis companies Aphria and Tilray who are based in Canada announced plans to merge in a transaction that will create an international marijuana firm with combined equity value of $3.9 Billion dollars! The new company will be the “world’s largest global cannabis company” the companies said in a joint news release. Under the terms ofContinue reading “$3.9 Billion Dollar Cannabis Merger Demands Everyone’s Attention”

Before You Build, Plan What’s Next…

What seemed like great locations for both large and small cannabis grow facilities are sometimes abandoned for reasons related to water, power and even logistics. We’ve even been asked to assist with issues like parking and trash disposal that seemed trivial because they were never addressed. Many small growers are ill-prepared to address these areasContinue reading “Before You Build, Plan What’s Next…”

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