Indoor Cannabis Cultivation During A Wildfire Season

There are divergent points of view on cannabis cultivation. As California enters what many have termed a potentially devastating wildfire season, indoor cultivation is looking better and better. As we’ve seen in previous years, wildfires are becoming more of an issue and an entire crop and the investment contained in that crop can be incineratedContinue reading “Indoor Cannabis Cultivation During A Wildfire Season”

Is There A Difference Between “Marijuana Grow House” And “Cannabis Cultivation Facility?”

The effective use of systems power the most successful companies in the world. Amazon uses logistic systems to efficiently deliver packages. Southwest uses hub systems to efficiently deliver passengers. Cannabis Grow Builders use building systems to efficiently cultivate cannabis. Each of these companies demand consistent results and controls within their systems to monitor success. SuccessfulContinue reading “Is There A Difference Between “Marijuana Grow House” And “Cannabis Cultivation Facility?””

Cannabis Cultivation Facility Design

Cannabis Grow Builders currently works with a licensed contractor in Southern California. This contractor began the process of building a cultivation facility and needed some help. The builder realized something wasn’t right with the project and he was in search of the best solution possible for his client. The builder was a great designer andContinue reading “Cannabis Cultivation Facility Design”

New Mexico Governor Confirms Special Session On Cannabis Legalization

The Governor of New Mexico announced a special session to convene in roughly two weeks to allow lawmakers to attempt to pass recreational marijuana again. House Bill 12 was not heard on the Senate floor even after passing in its final committee with a majority 5-4 vote around 1 a.m. Thursday morning. The 60-day regular session ended Saturday at noon. “It’sContinue reading “New Mexico Governor Confirms Special Session On Cannabis Legalization”

Mexico Wants To Be The World’s Leader In Legal Cannabis Production

Mexico wants to become the world’s largest supplier of legal cannabis and they’re working diligently to accomplish that. Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies, Congress’ lower house which is similar to the U.S. Congress will soon take up the issue a member of the chamber’s health committee tweeted recently. Mexico’s Senate approved the legalization of medical marijuanaContinue reading “Mexico Wants To Be The World’s Leader In Legal Cannabis Production”

High Dose CBD Study Finds Stunning Potential For Alzheimer’s

A study from Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia has linked high-dose CBD to multiple benefits associated with early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease. The positive results included improved cognition and restored function in those proteins responsible for clearing plaque from the brain. In addition, the CBD was found to reduce levels of a protein linked withContinue reading “High Dose CBD Study Finds Stunning Potential For Alzheimer’s”

State Of Virginia Approves Adult-Use Cannabis

Virginia approved adult-use cannabis legalization in a historic vote marking the first state in theOld South to embrace full legalization. The measure was passed with a 48-43 vote, and the Senate approved it in a 20-19 vote. “This, to me, is a justice bill,” Del. Charniele Herring, a sponsor of the legalization bill and theContinue reading “State Of Virginia Approves Adult-Use Cannabis”

What Happens When The Power Lapse In Texas Happens To Your Cultivation Facility?

We’ve all read about what’s going on in Texas. The extreme weather has overwhelmed and damaged their power grid. The situation has spiraled down to the point where people are dying. Even the Governor said the complete collapse of the state’s power grid was closer than many people realized. When you combine these undeniable factsContinue reading “What Happens When The Power Lapse In Texas Happens To Your Cultivation Facility?”

Altria Tobacco Backs Legal Cannabis And Lobby’s Virginia Legislators

Altria Group is the world’s largest tobacco producer and they are getting deeply involved in cannabis and lobbying on its behalf for the first time. Altria is joining efforts to legalize the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis in Virginia. If you’ve been on the fence regarding getting involved in cannabis what more could youContinue reading “Altria Tobacco Backs Legal Cannabis And Lobby’s Virginia Legislators”

Indoor Cannabis Grow Facilities Are All About Control

Governmental bodies at the Federal, State and Local levels have been all about control for the past 50 years. Only in the last 3 or 4 years have indoor growers started to see the light and started to embrace the idea of control as a very good thing. When cannabis is grown outdoors control isContinue reading “Indoor Cannabis Grow Facilities Are All About Control”

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