Cannabis Cultivation Means Being Prepared For Changes

Involvement in any business means you’ll need to anticipate and plan for changes. Is there any reason to think cannabis cultivation would be any different? Every factor you’d have in any other business is in place here and when you add in a changing regulatory environment you can reasonably expect change to happen. Changes areContinue reading “Cannabis Cultivation Means Being Prepared For Changes”

5 Pro Cannabis Initiatives Passed This Election

Legal cannabis and the industry it’s become continues to expand and the results from the election on November 3rd tells that story very clearly. Nationwide there were 5 states that enacted cannabis legislation and with that comes increased demand. The ebb and flow with most business models has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic andContinue reading “5 Pro Cannabis Initiatives Passed This Election”

Do You Want A Builder Or A Project Manager Who’s An Excellent Builder?

I’ve been a licensed General Contractor since 1987. For most of those 37 years I’ve worked primarily with individuals who wanted to build their dream home… The home they were going to live in for the rest of their life. I admit I was surprised how often I’d repeat building the dream home build forContinue reading “Do You Want A Builder Or A Project Manager Who’s An Excellent Builder?”

New Jersey, Arizona And Montana Are Voting On Legalizing Cannabis For Adults Over 21 Tomorrow

Other states getting in on the action include South Dakota who has a medical-cannabis measure on the ballot and Mississippi voters who are deciding on whether to implement a medical-marijuana program. This means the future of commercial cannabis is brighter than its past or even its present. Legalization will be great for residents of theseContinue reading “New Jersey, Arizona And Montana Are Voting On Legalizing Cannabis For Adults Over 21 Tomorrow”

Opening A Grow Facility Can Be More Difficult Than Juggling Chainsaws

Would you rather juggle running chainsaws or try to open a commercial cannabis grow facility? After trying to open a facility, many of our clients would happily pick the running chainsaws. The complexity of the commercial grow facility has layers like an onion and when it’s not managed correctly you’ll shed more tears than peelingContinue reading “Opening A Grow Facility Can Be More Difficult Than Juggling Chainsaws”

Cannabis Grow Facility Opens In Perry County, Pennsylvania

Someone once said “a rising tide lifts all boats” and we want to congratulate PA Options for Wellness opened their growing and processing facility in the Perry Innovation Park. Lending an additional aura of inclusion is the PA Options for Wellness shares its location with Mutzabaugh’s Family Market, Members 1st Federal Credit Union, Rite AidContinue reading “Cannabis Grow Facility Opens In Perry County, Pennsylvania”

Essential Business Status And Growth In Demand Fuel Grow Operations

During the pandemic demand for cannabis products in states where cannabis is legal in any form has increased. Here in California sales have increased well over 8% according to industry sources and many other states have seen similar increases in demand and sales. This increase solves issues for the growers and government and long termContinue reading “Essential Business Status And Growth In Demand Fuel Grow Operations”

Controlling What You Can Control Leads To Cannabis Growth Success

California, Oregon and Washington have great things in common when it comes to cannabis growth. Each state has laws supporting growth, each has great conditions for growth and each has an increasing desire for the wonderful product we produce. In 2020, at the worst possible time, critical portions of that story have been flipped onContinue reading “Controlling What You Can Control Leads To Cannabis Growth Success”

Water Is Critical To Your Grow Operation For More Reasons Than You May Know

Cannabis is one of the more tightly regulated industries in the nation. Understanding the level of regulation might make someone wonder how water use and wastewater disposal has been so ignored by so many for so long. In our industry water use and fertilization are critical to our long-term viability. In any agricultural setting theContinue reading “Water Is Critical To Your Grow Operation For More Reasons Than You May Know”

Before You Build, Plan What’s Next…

What seemed like great locations for both large and small cannabis grow facilities are sometimes abandoned for reasons related to water, power and even logistics. We’ve even been asked to assist with issues like parking and trash disposal that seemed trivial because they were never addressed. Many small growers are ill-prepared to address these areasContinue reading “Before You Build, Plan What’s Next…”

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