Study Determines Cannabis Use May Lead To Decreased Opioid Use

A Canadian study has found cannabis is associated with significant reductions in dependence on opioids and other prescription drugs, as well as an increase in quality of life. This study looked at patients in Canada and analyzed prescription drug use rate along with quality of life when incorporating cannabis into their treatment regimen. It involvedContinue reading “Study Determines Cannabis Use May Lead To Decreased Opioid Use”

The Push For Exact Nutritional Content Of Cannabis

Breakfast cereal has an exact ingredient list and at a glance you know exactly what it contains. Any medication you’re prescribed contains predictable ingredients to produce a predicted response. If you’re trying to control your weight you know what and how much to eat. If you need to lower your blood pressure your doctor knowsContinue reading “The Push For Exact Nutritional Content Of Cannabis”

Some Important Growing Basics

Some Important Growing Basics Eye Protection comes down to a basic rule of thumb regarding any form of lighting. The reality is the fact that if it’s good for your grow (Commercial or home) it’s bad for your eyes. Ignore this at your own risk. No matter the type of light you are using theContinue reading “Some Important Growing Basics”

Controlling What You Can Control Leads To Cannabis Growth Success

California, Oregon and Washington have great things in common when it comes to cannabis growth. Each state has laws supporting growth, each has great conditions for growth and each has an increasing desire for the wonderful product we produce. In 2020, at the worst possible time, critical portions of that story have been flipped onContinue reading “Controlling What You Can Control Leads To Cannabis Growth Success”

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