Another Great Way To Make Your Customer Love You

I’ve been a licensed contractor for 30+ years. In that time I’ve worked with hundreds of happy customers. As a builder I know my customer is going to be happy when I complete a quality project on time and somewhere near budget. I know they will be very happy when I deliver a quality projectContinue reading “Another Great Way To Make Your Customer Love You”

Cannabis Building Success Creates Demand For Your Building Services

The majority of the most motivated and serious building professionals we’ve worked with and trained to participate in the cannabis industry have a variant of the same complaint. The nature of the beast is the cannabis entrepreneur they help becomes reliant on their services and as a result they often find it difficult to scheduleContinue reading “Cannabis Building Success Creates Demand For Your Building Services”

As Cannabis Moves Into The Mainstream, Illicit Market Endures

With the dramatic increase in access to cannabis, most users still aren’t using legal methods to obtain it. According to New Frontier Data, just 1 in 3 users are buying from established brick and mortar stores. For the balance of people consuming cannabis the most likely source remains the user’s friends. These facts illustrate howContinue reading “As Cannabis Moves Into The Mainstream, Illicit Market Endures”

The Tiny Details Concerning Cannabis And Why Those Details Matter

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our article about the difference between a grow house and a cultivation facility. Cannabis Grow Builders decided early on to focus our efforts on the more specific aspects of cultivation since so much of the research is moving toward Cannabis as medicine. Whenever the term medicine is appliedContinue reading “The Tiny Details Concerning Cannabis And Why Those Details Matter”

Want To Join Us For A “Budding” Career In Cannabis Facility Construction

Cannabis Grow Builders is a division of Mountain Valley Facility Construction is looking for a few great contractors. We are local pioneers in the conversion, construction and licensing of cannabis cultivation facilities. President Danny Stevenson submitted and was awarded one of the first ever building permits for a cultivation facility in the Sacramento region inContinue reading “Want To Join Us For A “Budding” Career In Cannabis Facility Construction”

New Mexico Governor Confirms Special Session On Cannabis Legalization

The Governor of New Mexico announced a special session to convene in roughly two weeks to allow lawmakers to attempt to pass recreational marijuana again. House Bill 12 was not heard on the Senate floor even after passing in its final committee with a majority 5-4 vote around 1 a.m. Thursday morning. The 60-day regular session ended Saturday at noon. “It’sContinue reading “New Mexico Governor Confirms Special Session On Cannabis Legalization”

What Cannabis Sales Mean To The Tax Base Of States

The State of New York is dealing with a severe budget shortfall and they are turning to cannabis as a portion of the solution they so desperately need. Here’s what the state determines the legalization of cannabis could mean for New York; 60,000 new jobs $350 Billion in economic activity $300 Million in tax revenueContinue reading “What Cannabis Sales Mean To The Tax Base Of States”

Rhode Island Received 45 Applications For Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

As more and more states come on line and issue licenses for both medical and recreational cannabis we are seeing dramatically increased competition for those licenses. In Rhode Island we saw 45 applications for only 6 available licenses. While many applicants will be denied in the short term this is another area of life whereContinue reading “Rhode Island Received 45 Applications For Cannabis Dispensary Licenses”

Complex Controls Lead To Easier And Faster Solutions

When I design a cultivation facility/ grow house I know there will be failures once production begins. While some consider that to be negative thinking I view it as the positive consideration of negative events. In other words… When you are dealing with people bad things sometimes happen. Some potentially bad things are more likelyContinue reading “Complex Controls Lead To Easier And Faster Solutions”

Cannabis Cultivation Means Being Prepared For Changes

Involvement in any business means you’ll need to anticipate and plan for changes. Is there any reason to think cannabis cultivation would be any different? Every factor you’d have in any other business is in place here and when you add in a changing regulatory environment you can reasonably expect change to happen. Changes areContinue reading “Cannabis Cultivation Means Being Prepared For Changes”

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