What Happens When The Power Lapse In Texas Happens To Your Cultivation Facility?

We’ve all read about what’s going on in Texas. The extreme weather has overwhelmed and damaged their power grid. The situation has spiraled down to the point where people are dying. Even the Governor said the complete collapse of the state’s power grid was closer than many people realized. When you combine these undeniable facts with the overall move to electric vehicles and less reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity you have reason to worry. If you have a cannabis cultivation facility in California or you build them like we do then planning for power sources must become part of your planning.

The events in Texas are only an earthquake or wildfire away from happening in California. Even though when it happens the actual problem may be 100 miles away it could still have a dramatic impact on the fragile power grid and eliminate power to your business for hours or even days as we’re seeing in Texas right now. If your cultivation facility loses power for even a day the result could be catastrophic to say the least.

Did you know that Cannabis Grow Builders currently has a large cultivation facility we built producing their own electricity! The system produces power for everything they need with additional capacity for expansion. This system has provided the power reliability my client needs and may save them as much as $100,000 per month in electrical bills. By the way… No solar power is included in this mix. If you are looking for a different, and many say better way to accomplish your overall cultivation facility goals maybe we should talk.  

Cannabis Grow Builders has been involved in the emerging legal Cannabis Industry as a builder and developer of grow facilities since 2016. Daniel Stevenson and his team work with Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to maximize the potential in their business while remaining on the cutting edge of constantly changing governmental regulations. Please reach out to us at 916-933-7333, via e-mail at daniel@cannabisgrowbuilders.com

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