Cannabis Shown to Relieve Parkinson Disease Symptoms

A recent survey found patients experienced relief of certain motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson disease from using cannabis. Researchers said that this is the largest study analyzing the view of patients on cannabis therapy in Parkinson’s. The study, published in Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, took place in Germany, which in 2017 approved medical cannabis as a therapy for patients with severe symptoms (77) Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Part 3 of 3 – YouTube of Parkinson’s when other therapies were unsuccessful or not tolerable. In these cases medical cannabis is eligible for reimbursement.

Even though many cannabis products and formulations are available to patients, there is a lack of controlled clinical studies addressing cannabis effectiveness on symptoms. It’s also unclear which symptoms would be best treated with medical cannabis, whether certain cannabis formulations are more effective, or which routes of administration patients would prefer most. Further, the prevalence of medical cannabis use and patient opinion on its use for Parkinson’s symptoms relief are unknowns.

The nationwide, cross-sectional–based survey by embedding a self-developed Questionnaire into an issue of the German Parkinson Association’s journal from March 2019. The questionnaire contained 16 categories and 25 questions, with the latter focusing on subject demographics, patient knowledge about cannabis use in Parkinson’s, experience with cannabis use, and efficacy and tolerability of cannabis application in users. Cannabis users made up 15% of participants, of which 13.9% were regular users, 32.2% were occasional users, and 42.6% had tried it once; 11.4% (23) did not answer.

Fifty-four percent reported experiencing a clinical benefit from medical cannabis. This was typically reported by more frequent users than occasional and 1-time users (79% vs 67% vs 25%). Additionally over 50% of users rated cannabis as more beneficial than levodopa/dopamine agonists at improving PD symptoms. 23% of those responding rated cannabis to be equal in effectiveness. Pain and muscle cramps were the most commonly reported symptoms improved by cannabis use. Overall, relief for 9 motor symptoms, such as akinesia and freezing, and non-motor symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome, were reported by more than 20% of users.

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