Complex Controls Lead To Easier And Faster Solutions

When I design a cultivation facility/ grow house I know there will be failures once production begins. While some consider that to be negative thinking I view it as the positive consideration of negative events. In other words… When you are dealing with people bad things sometimes happen.

Some potentially bad things are more likely than others to fail. Some of these bad things can be designed around and other can be bypassed altogether if you begin with the end in mind. At the end of the day many of these questions about failure come down to “what’s possible and what’s plausible.” Said another way “what could fail and what’s likely to fail?” When any specific application fails how quickly do you need to know about the failure and how rapidly do you need to mitigate and correct the failure? Answering these questions in advance and knowing what to do is a game changer not all enjoy.

HVAC is one of the most critical aspects of any grow house. Failure here can be a total failure that must be dealt with immediately or a partial failure that could go unnoticed and dramatically impact the climate which could impact both the quantity and quality of the yield. This is just one of the potential failures. My team designs in the ability to monitor how the HVAC system is performing at different data collection points and then reports back to those who need to know anywhere in the world.

Reports on overall HVAC performance can be sent as often as every quarter hour to as seldom as every 24 hours. Reports on catastrophic failure are sent immediately across multiple platforms and reports continue to be sent until the failure has been corrected. While this will lead to a somewhat larger investment upfront I know my client will sleep better knowing their investment is safe and productive.    

Cannabis Grow Builders has been involved in the emerging legal Cannabis Industry as a builder and developer of grow facilities since 2016. Daniel Stevenson and his team work with Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to maximize the potential in their business while remaining on the cutting edge of constantly changing governmental regulations. Please reach out to us at 916-933-7333, via e-mail at

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