Cannabis Cultivation Means Being Prepared For Changes

Involvement in any business means you’ll need to anticipate and plan for changes. Is there any reason to think cannabis cultivation would be any different? Every factor you’d have in any other business is in place here and when you add in a changing regulatory environment you can reasonably expect change to happen.

Changes are a reality and the more prepared you are the easier the change will be. The rules involving cannabis cultivation are still being written and the reality is the rules we have today may be obsolete in six months. The time we spent and the lessons we learned in high end residential construction taught us many things about change and technology. We seem to have technological breakthroughs on a routine basis now and we’ve learned to use technology to respond to many of the changes we all face.

A huge change that we’ve been factoring in to how we design and build is in the area of biosecurity and it’s potential impact on your facility. If you have an outbreak of a fungus or a pest (human or otherwise) you need a plan to deal with it in the most proactive manner possible. What’s in your plan? If and/or when the outbreak happens what protocols are going to be impacted? How will you communicate those changes to your team?

What will be the impact on your current and futures grows when your HVAC needs and power parameters and power availabilities change? As the movement toward solar, wind and geo-thermal accelerates everyone will be forced to conserve power. What systems will you have in place to answer what’s next? We are answering those questions today and getting real world answers. How can we help?  

As a General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, and Managing Member of Mountain Valley Construction, Daniel “Danny” Stevenson is ahead of the curve in a growing industry. Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in California and is gradually losing its stigma. Mountain Valley Construction serves those in this new industry by building the state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facilities. With cannabis cultivation centers needing sophisticated climate control, water conditioning and recycling systems, fertigation (combination fertilizing and irrigation systems), Co2 integration, pest control, security, etc., in addition to the structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers that any commercial contractor needs, Mountain Valley Construction involves multiple specialty and subject-matter experts. Call Danny at 916-933-7333 or e-mail him at

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