Do You Want A Builder Or A Project Manager Who’s An Excellent Builder?

I’ve been a licensed General Contractor since 1987. For most of those 37 years I’ve worked primarily with individuals who wanted to build their dream home… The home they were going to live in for the rest of their life. I admit I was surprised how often I’d repeat building the dream home build for the same couples. The majority of the “first timers” didn’t really need a builder they instead needed a Senior Level Project Manager who knew how to build.

Fast forward to 2015. Based on a past relationship I was asked to build a small cultivation facility when cannabis was still a gray market (medical only) in California. I pay extremely close attention to state and national politics and it was easy to see that cannabis would be soon on the road to full legalization. Based on what I’d already done I understood the complexity of a cultivation facility. At least I thought I did.

I decided to learn more about this growing business and started drinking information from a firehose. I read everything I could find, attended seminars, attended conventions and joined the National Cannabis Industry Association while visiting as many cultivation facilities as I could get into. This is not an easy industry to learn about for the simple reason the good growers aren’t anxious to share their secrets.

Starting with what I learned I knew the end result they had in mind. I have been able to create a great team that understands what the actual short, mid and long term goals are for the client. I also assembled a team of the best experts in multiple areas and work to coordinate everything from design to completion and often that includes compliance. As cannabis becomes more accepted I know that prices will drop dramatically and in order to survive growers will embrace efficiency. Labor and utility costs will be the biggest concerns and we focus on their control from day one.

As a General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, and Managing Member of Mountain Valley Construction, Daniel “Danny” Stevenson is ahead of the curve in a growing industry. Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in California and is gradually losing its stigma. Mountain Valley Construction serves those in this new industry by building the state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facilities. With cannabis cultivation centers needing sophisticated climate control, water conditioning and recycling systems, fertigation (combination fertilizing and irrigation systems), Co2 integration, pest control, security, etc., in addition to the structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers that any commercial contractor needs, Mountain Valley Construction involves multiple specialty and subject-matter experts. Call Danny at 916-933-7333 or e-mail him at

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