New Jersey, Arizona And Montana Are Voting On Legalizing Cannabis For Adults Over 21 Tomorrow

Other states getting in on the action include South Dakota who has a medical-cannabis measure on the ballot and Mississippi voters who are deciding on whether to implement a medical-marijuana program. This means the future of commercial cannabis is brighter than its past or even its present. Legalization will be great for residents of these states but what does it mean to cannabis grow facilities in California?

Any cannabis entrepreneur will tell you that as California goes so goes the nation. California was among the first to vote on and regulate cannabis and we’re the first to learn how to live within the parameters set by local government. Mountain Valley LLC was a pioneer in Sacramento. We have the distinction of submitting the first set of plans for a grow facility that were approved and construction started. In the world of cannabis that was a lifetime ago and we’re still sought after today for our guidance and expertise.

One of the more exciting aspects of cannabis being adopted in other states is the lag time. While many, if not all of this legislation will be approved by the voters they will lack product for months or years into the future. The reality of legalization as witnessed in California is constant rule changes that promise to hinder grow facilities in these newly opened markets. We can help! If you’re reading this you can take advantage.

This is not an industry in decline! Demand for product is increasing and demand for high   quality has never been higher. Even as we talk about the demand for high quality product being high today we know it will be increased next month and there is no end in sight. We specialize in design, build, layout and logistics. We center our design around the demand of today with the reality of tomorrow. This may be your chance to get in on the ground floor of an emerging market and emerging technology. Give us a call!    

Cannabis Grow Builders have been involved in the emerging legal Cannabis Industry as a builder and developer of grow facilities since 2016. Daniel Stevenson and his team work with Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to maximize the potential in their business while remaining on the cutting edge of constantly changing governmental regulations. Please reach out to us at 916-933-7333, via e-mail at

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