Essential Business Status And Growth In Demand Fuel Grow Operations

During the pandemic demand for cannabis products in states where cannabis is legal in any form has increased. Here in California sales have increased well over 8% according to industry sources and many other states have seen similar increases in demand and sales. This increase solves issues for the growers and government and long term strategy is worth a closer look.

Charlie Bachtell is the CEO and co-founder of Chicago-based Cresco Labs and he anticipates continued growth in our industry. As society in general becomes more accepting of the many applications of cannabis the demand is expected to continue to increase. We have seen that demand increase in both the quantity and especially the quality of our product. This increase in demand is not lost on local government.

In a time of dramatically decreasing tax revenue the cannabis industry offers a welcome and needed financial port in a storm. With state and local tax revenue dropping due to the pandemic and increased unemployment government is charged with looking at ways to stem the tide and turn their finances around. By encouraging the growth and availability of legal cannabis they have found a vehicle to get them back to where they need to be. There is more pressure than ever to decrease black market sales and the City of Sacramento has authorized 10 storefronts for cannabis. As both the demand and acceptance of cannabis becomes more mainstream people will be looking for a high quality product that they can rely on. This will increased the prevalence of indoor grow facilities who can produce a consistent and quality product. This is where Cannabis Grow Builders can help. We work with every phase from idea to grow to sales. We can get you there! Cannabis Grow Builders have been involved in the emerging legal Cannabis Industry as a builder and developer of grow facilities since 2016. Daniel Stevenson and his team work with Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to maximize the potential in their business while remaining on the cutting edge of constantly changing governmental regulations. Please reach out to us at 916-933-7333, via e-mail at

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