Controlling What You Can Control Leads To Cannabis Growth Success

California, Oregon and Washington have great things in common when it comes to cannabis growth. Each state has laws supporting growth, each has great conditions for growth and each has an increasing desire for the wonderful product we produce. In 2020, at the worst possible time, critical portions of that story have been flipped on their head. Outdoor growing conditions have turned into some of the worst ever encountered due to unrelenting and almost unstoppable wildfires just as cannabis has become more mainstream.

Controlling what you can realistically control is critical in any growing environment and more valuable today than ever. The events unfolding in the forests and grow areas of each of these states could fill a research paper on what goes wrong and is the very definition of what you can’t control. The lack of control outdoor growth operations have inherently will impact the quality for anyone involved. There is another factor even experienced professionals haven’t solved.

Climate change manifesting as wildfires is impacting the legal cannabis industry like a Tsunami. Research shows that as much as 5% of cannabis grown outside will fail mold tests even under ideal weather conditions. That mold test failure rate could rise to a high as 10% when smoke from wildfires blocks the sunlight. Smoke obscuring the sun will diminish the plants resistance to molds, pests and other diseases. This decreased resistance allows less control over the end result along with smaller yields. Increased control leads to increased income. Outdoor operations allow only one harvest per year (it’s called Croptober for a reason) while indoor growth may afford as many as four to six harvests every year. These are not chances you need to take… There is a better way!

Cannabis professionally grown indoors allows dramatic control over the final product. This control affects the quality and quantity of your final product. Great attention placed on humidity levels, nutrient levels, sunlight sequencing, soil conditions and other factors it allows the production of an exact product each time. I believe the day will come when a specific recipe for the growth of cannabis will solve a societal health issue of great consequence. Will you be inside or outside when that day arrives?    

Cannabis Grow Builders have been involved in the emerging legal Cannabis Industry as a builder and developer of grow facilities since 2016. Daniel Stevenson and his team work with Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to maximize the potential in their business while remaining on the cutting edge of constantly changing governmental regulations. Please reach out to us at 916-933-7333, via e-mail at

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