How Can We Help Your Grow Facility?

In the world of cannabis, 2016 was a lifetime ago. Cannabis grow facilities are just now beginning to hit full stride in some states and really only now getting started in others. There is more to learn than we know and that creates excitement for some and creates trepidation on the part of others. Helping solve that trepidation and help you move from concept to production is where our team comes in.

You may have never heard of me and you may not even care. My name is Daniel Stevenson. As a second generation builder I’ve been in the high end custom design and build space since 1981 and have studied home energy consumption and building science from the beginning. What I and my team will share with you could have a tremendous impact on your personal and professional life if you choose to use the information. My body of knowledge about how the predictable application of building science made the full time transition into the cannabis industry easier for me than many others.

From the beginning I understood energy co-generation, lighting, utility loads, logistics and possibly best of all I am very comfortable dealing with building officials and regulators. Due to regulations and restrictions imposed by government, the licensing and construction of your facility can often become your largest expense, biggest delay and greatest headache. Delays in operation can often run as much as $10,000 per day in lost opportunity. A three month delay can often cost $1,000,000 or more. This expense can mean the difference between long term success and failure.

As we move through this increasingly complex world I will share tidbits of information from my experience and how to apply this data. My goal is to decrease the time a cannabis entrepreneur spends between idea and completion. I know there is enough grow business to go around and expanding what’s possible today and remaining in the forefront of cannabis grow facility evolution where I am today will contribute to everyone’s success.  

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